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    In the case of a turnkey restructuring, we perform with our crew all construction work, plant design, facades, graphics and signs.
    Our internal technical office monitors and directs all phases of each work site and maintains a constant relationship with the customer by providing constant updates of works in progress from the beginning of the project to the post opening.

    Our services:

    Masonry work

    • Roof renovation
    • Masonry walls, plasterboard and new dry wall system
    • Electrical and plumbing support
    • Attic renovation
    • Thermoaucustic insulation with cellulose fibers for roofs and attics. Walls and crawlspaces


    • Painting
    • Ceilings
    • Heat-insulating plasters
    • Soundproof plasters
    • Insulation coatings
    • Wallpaper, special decorations and stucco
    • Upholstery
    • Internal and external anti-fungal treatments


    • Electrical, plumbing and masonry work
    • 24H service
    • Painting


    • Execution of and / or retrofit of electrical, sanitary, heating, gas and solar systems
    • Issuing the certification for electrical and thermal systems

    Doors and windows

    • Supply and installation of internal/external doors and windows in wood, PVC and aluminum


    • Supply and installation of flooring in wood, ceramic, PVC, linoleum and floating floors