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  • In 2013 Cube Retail Contract opened up a Hotel&SPA new division that provides a complete, fully customized service for the construction, renovation and fit-out of hotels, cottages-vacation rental facilities and B&B.

    The creativity and sound experience that are our hallmarks allow us to come up with unique solutions, both in Italy and abroad, carefully studied based on each client’s particular requirements and able to meet expectations within the timeframe promised.

    The services we offer for the HOTEL&SPA division are:

    • Design and construction of entire hotels or single spaces (Reception, Rooms, Bars and Restaurants, Conference Halls, etc.)
    • Concept Layout
    • Total management of the construction site (building, installations of electricity, plumbing, heating etc., drywall, floors, finishings)
    • Management of construction practices
    • Interior Design
    • Design and construction of spas
    • Food Design for bars and restaurants
    • Garden Design for external areas
    • Stylistic studies and production of textiles and curtains
    • Internal flooring and external paving